Sex Object: An Erotic BDSM Fantasy – Anissa Kate

March 6th, 2013

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SexandSubmission is proud to present “Sex Object” a scripted feature movie starring Anissa Kate and James Deen! The exotic looking Anissa is stunningly beautiful and enjoys bondage and being submissive. She also loves anal and rough sex with a man that can completely control her. Our story follows a recluse who has hallucinations after finding a mannequin in the old movie theater where he works. A beautiful girl appears and with some training, she becomes the perfect sexual servant.

Bound Gangbangs – Anissa Kate

January 8th, 2013


Anissa Kate has a perfect body. Giant natural tits on a petite, flexible frame. In this fantasy update she comes to the armory for an interview with Donna and before she knows it find herself bound and hooded in a cage where she is made to service 5 cocks while her nipples are painfully clamped around the bars, preventing her from moving. Once she is let out her tits are bound tightly and oiled up and everyone takes turns fucking her perfect holes. She is stuffed airtight then tied down again with her legs held wide open so her pussy can get filled with cum! Strict bondage, rough sex, creampie in bondage, dp, and more!!!
Bound Gang Bangs is hardcore public sex with women fucked and bound while being used in extreme gangbangs and BDSM sex in public.
Bound GangBangs is hardcore fantasy group sex with women overwhelmed and outnumbered in BDSM sex by strange cock. features submissive women living out their wildest gangbang sex and bondage fantasies. Whether they are sexy amateur babes overwhelmed and outnumbered or gorgeous bit-titted milfs who need to learn a lesson by multiple men, BoundGangbangs delivers the most extreme penetration and humiliation online. offers up surprise gangbangs, blindfolds, deepthroat blowjobs, sex punishment, bondage, double penetration and interracial sex in high definition video and picture galleries.


January 2nd, 2013

Jessie Rogers has a slumber party at her house where her and her girlfriends engage in a game of truth or dare which leads her to reveal her darkest sexual fantasy! In this fantasy a group of 6 men follow her home and break into her house while everyone is sleeping. Once inside they tie up her parents and bust into her room to have their way with her. She is made to submit to their hard cocks while she struggles to get away, and screams for help to no avail. They double penetrate her and even get two cock in her tight ass before spilling their loads all over her face and leaving the same way they came in.
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As a website where a woman’s fantasy is actualized, Hardcore Gangbang contains videos with seriously perverted women who beg for their pussies to be pounded by multiple men. And Princess Donna aims to give them every inch they want and more. These gangbang videos unveil ferocious, full-throttle lust. To please a woman, you have to know how to fulfill her fantasies. At, we fulfill and fill her, with all her heart’s desire…
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Double Penetration Gangbang
One after another, men pile on top of the woman; sometimes they take turns, and sometimes, they go all in. Not just double penetration, but triple penetration: in the pussy, asshole and mouth. Leaving no spaces, each opening that exists in the woman is stuffed full of cock in every penetrative way possible. Held down and made to cum and take it, these women won’t be left longing or empty for a gangbang after a DP gangbang with HCGB.

Gagging Blowjobs
Some people may not consider blowjobs to be sex but at this site, the blowjobs are just as hardcore and just as damaging as rough fucking. The gag-causing blowjobs are deadly obtrusive and go on until the woman’s mouth is full of spittle and gagging sounds. With mouths gasping and gagging on hard giant cocks, this is not oral fixation; it is the ultimate gagging blowjob videos and throat-fucking domination.

Interracial Gangbang
One of the most popular things that women dream about is getting banged by a bunch of strapping Black men who aren’t afraid to get dirty and hard on a woman. In these gangbang fantasies, anything is possible. Hardcore Gangbang gives the girl what she wants: interracial gangbang – tons of hot men, touching every inch of her pink holes and white skin. With scenes that include prison gangbangs where inmates of all colors gang up on a female warden to just your typical romantic street gangbang, all different men band together for one cause: to give one woman all their cocks and leave her exhausted and full of cum.

PornStars Punishment – Room Service Rampage

January 23rd, 2010

James Deen spends a lot of time traveling and staying in hotels as a pornstar. This time the room service lady is putting on his clothes, drinking his beer, smoking his cigarettes and talking shit about him when he’s not around. He finally catches her and threatens to call the front desk but she begs him for mercy. She offers to do anything he wants to make it up to him. So he serves her a serious dose of sexual justice.

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Eat This…And Review It!

January 16th, 2010

Scott Nails has owned a restaurant for a little while now and always gets the same food critic for some reason. She has never given him a good review and she’s back again tonight. After sending back dish after dish without reason, Scott Nails has finally reached his breaking point. He and James Deen decide to storm out to give her a meal that she can’t refuse!

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Practical Prankster Punishment

January 8th, 2010

Rachel loves to perform pranks on her roommate Scott, but he doesn’t seem to have a sense of humour. He can’t handle one more prank from her or else he’ll snap and pop in her face. Oh ya… she also owes him some rent.

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Tipping Is Not A City In China

January 1st, 2010

James Dean is a bartender at the local pub. Life was great for him until this snobby bitch showed up and tried to jack his tip jar! He catches Dylan red handed and exposes the truth to her but she didn’t want to listen… He decides enough is enough…This little cock craving snob got what she wanted… Punishment warranted!

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PornStars Punishment – Pay Rent or Get Bent

December 23rd, 2009

After losing his job and his mansion, Scott took whatever money he had left over and bought himself an apartment complex. Little did he know that dealing with sneaky bitches who avoid paying their rent like Sadie West would prove to be this frustrating… After plenty of warnings, he decides it’s time to pay her a visit without warning and make her pay the price, or prepare to be punished… Fortunately for her, she’s a slut who enjoys a rough punishment!

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Gameday Pussy Massacre

December 15th, 2009

What a day for football. The championship game is on and Scott is pumped. His experience is immediately ruined when his friend shows up with two girls. This one bitch Faye won’t shut the fuck up during the game and even changes the channel during halftime. Scott erupts, he grabs Faye and teaches her how a guest should act in a strangers house. Her tight pussy is stretched in ways never thought possible and she loved every moment of it.

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Christmas Punishment

December 7th, 2009

Jenna has been hired by Scott to clean his house for his Christmas party. Scott gives her strict rules to leave the door locked because there has been a lot of burglaries in the neighborhood lately. As usual she is forgetful and leaves the door open allowing a robber to steal all Scott’s Christmas presents. When he returns he is furious to see that his house has been robbed and knows right away who is to be punished….Jenna.

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PornStars Punishment – The Hotline

November 29th, 2009

Supervisor Deen welcomes the new customer service girl to the team and is returned with a bitchy attitude! He dismisses her bad attitude for now. He later monitors her on the phone to evaluate her customer service skills and she was extremely rude with the customers! Enough is enough, it was time to teach this bitch a lesson… a very hard anal lesson!!

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The Crappy Hairstylist

November 22nd, 2009

Scott is in a rush to get his hair cut because he has a hot date. Rebeca, the hairdresser, greets Scott rudely. She is talking on the phone and cutting hair at the same time. Finally Scott gets in the chair and wouldn’t you know it Rebeca, fucks ups his hair. Scott gets fed up with her BS, and takes the tiny hair dresser and manhandles her. He took all his frustration out on her tight pussy and she felt his pain and enjoyed every moment of it! Lesson learned!

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PornStars Punishment – Double Dipper

November 14th, 2009

It’s New Years Eve and Monique is making an already lame party into a debacle. She double dips a chip and then when she ruins the new year countdown, Scott decides to punish her.

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Prissy Porn Bitch, Punished

November 5th, 2009

James Deen stopped bar-tending because of the punishment he unleashed on Dylan Riley. He has now taken up porn directing since talking to Scott one night at the bar. When Aletta showed up four hours late, James got really mad, relapsed and punished the fuck out of her. At first she didn’t know what to expect but as the rough nasty sex progressed she loved every last second.

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Pounding My Naughty Cunt Hole

October 28th, 2009

Scott has a very important meeting to attend to because a food critic is coming to check out his restaurant. He wants everything to be top notch. Presley, Scott’s roommate, steals his car and gets into an accident. Scott is furious because he missed his meeting and his car is fucked up. Only the roughest of sexual lessons will make Presley realize her mistakes. This young pussy gets punished.

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