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Amara Romani hardcore punished for cheating

Sunday, August 21st, 2016

When Xander’s sexy girlfriend, Amara Romani, cheats on him with his Best Bro, Seth Gamble, the two Bros team up to teach the little Ho a lesson in bondage, manhandling and rough anal sex! Slutty Amara thinks she is on her way to hook up with Seth behind her boyfriend’s back, but Xander surprises her in a dark alley and takes her to a remote hotel room where Seth is waiting. Amara is shocked to learn that these two guys are in it together and a great take down scene is unleashed! Amara is manhandled, stripped naked, bound and fucked in all her slutty holes by both guys. Xander and Seth pull Double Domination Duty as they pass Amara back and forth like a sexual rag doll, fucking her however they wish till she is completely drunk on cock and come. Amara loves being put in her place by these two guys and learns the real meaning of the saying BROs Before HOs!

Finally, a 2 on 1 rough sex fantasy on S&S. These used to be commonplace, now they are extremely rare. I was considering letting my membership expire, I’m now in for another three months (at least). I know you will continue to consider the male members points of view and preferences, but you have ladies here (like me) who a loyal sponsors too. I mention that because your choice of fellas was GREAT. This is not always the case. I Love Xander. He is a good actor, hung and a talented sexual performer. Seth is good and continues to develop. (Although not in this scene, Mr. Pete is also a personal favorite.) Amara Romani, was great in the scene because she was fully invested emotionally and sexually. Truly a great performance by all. This is a personal thank you and request for more 2 on 1 rough fantasies like this. Generalized sex on the Internet is ubiquitous, what will continue to distinguish this brand and make it worth paying for are realistic, taboo fantasies, designed for and by adults. Again Thank you.